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AccessVision Gets New Tapeless Camcorders

The staff of AccessVision is very excited to announce the arrival of new camcorders!

The new Panasonic AG-AC130A cameras offer many improvements over the previous Sony MiniDV camcorders: they record in a variety of formats, including high definition and widescreen; they have XLR microphone inputs and larger lenses. But the biggest change is the recording medium: in place of DV tape, these cameras record to solid-state SD cards. That means no more waiting to import footage from tapes and no more dropout problems with worn-out tapes. Raw footage can be copied from the SD cards in less than 10 minutes and edited immediately, without the hassle of waiting for real-time tape captures.

You can read more about the new cameras here.

The new cameras are now available for checkout. But before anyone can check out the new cameras, you must first be trained to use them. Please call (269) 968-3633 to set up a time with Jason Augenstein or Jeff Smith to be trained. If you are an existing Camcorder user, training is free and only takes about 30 minutes. You may also re-enroll in one of the upcoming 2-session Camcorder workshops at no cost, if you would like a more in-depth refresher course on shooting video.

The new Panasonic cameras are replacing all of the Sony tape-based camcorders for single camera use. Unless you are using the Portable Studio or Editing Kits, you will not be able to check out a camcorder until you have been re-trained on the new equipment. Weekend staff are unable to conduct training sessions, so please don't wait until you need to use the cameras to get trained. Call today!