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2019 Volunteer Recognition Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners of Accessvision's annual Volunteer Recognition Awards!


Arts & Culture: Mike Campbell & Carl English – “Juneteenth Celebration”
Mike and Carl spent an entire day videoing events at Claude Evans Park from live music to speeches commemorating the end of slavery.  Juneteenth marks the day on June 19, 1865, when Union Army troops landed in Galveston, Texas, and announced that the Civil war was over and all slaves had been freed.

“I like giving back to the community, and my way is to volunteer; to get involved in as many different things as I can.  I like meeting people and by volunteering at AccessVision, this gives me the feeling of accomplishing my goals of giving back to the community,” said Mike.

Carl says, “As a volunteer, I enjoy the showing of reality that our community has to offer.  I have no problem putting on camera the honest views of what I see and what I hear on the air at AccessVision. I love it.”

Community Events: Derek Metzger
Derek had taken video production workshops over 11 years ago, but recently he wanted to get more involved videoing events in the community.  So a few years ago Derek said that when AccessVision gets requested to cover something to give him a call.  If given enough heads up, Derek is usually available to help out.

This year a couple of the more significant events Derek covered for the community’s benefit was the “Brenda Hunt Tribute” and the “911 Memorial”.

Derek says, “I really enjoy assisting where needed to help produce quality programming for the community and look forward to continuing my involvement with AccessVision.”

Informational: Dr. Tino Smith – “Sit At The Table With Dr. Tino Smith”
Dr. Smith began producing and hosting “Dr. Smith @ The Kitchen Table” in June of 2017.  Since then he has completed over 63 programs, including 38 this past year alone.  Dr. Smith’s informational talk show is intended to have conversations regarding informational tools to help with life choices.  “Dr. Smith @ The Kitchen Table” can be seen on Sundays at 3:00 p.m. and again Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. 

“AccessVision is a tool that allows ‘Dr. Smith @ The Kitchen Table’ to lead compelling, relatable and honest conversations with hope to catalyst, energize and bring people together,” said Dr. Smith.

Nonprofit Empowerment: Alysia Timm & Michelle Williamson – Community Action
Community Action has recently utilized AccessVision’s professional production services to tell success stories of how the organization helps people achieve and maintain independence. This was done by creating a series of employee and client testimonials featured on the CA web site at AccessVision also produced a short fundraising video that is currently being used on the CA’s Go Fund Me project page.

Executive Assistant Alysia Timm says, “The Hastings fundraiser video has been a huge hit.  We have gotten so much great feedback. Everyone loves the video.”

Political Awareness: John Cash – “Bedford Township Council Meetings”
John Cash has been producing various programs for the community’s benefit well over 10 years and has won several other recognitions for his volunteer work.  John felt strongly about taping and airing the Bedford Township Council Meetings every month during a contentious time with the public, trustees and its supervisor so everyone could see and judge for themselves what was going on in the Township.

John said, “The most rewarding experience of my videos for me will always be the satisfaction that people were enlightened and if I don’t make them, who will?”

Religious Program of the Year: Teron Singley – “Freedom Faith Worship Center”
Teron has been producing the “Freedom Faith Worship Center” since May 2017 and has been a regular volunteer for productions since he first took video workshops in 2010.  Teron’s dedication to his church has been unwavering.  Every week Teron is picking up the video equipment from AccessVision and turning in a new program.

“I volunteer to assist in spreading God’s word, knowing that it will help change someone’s life. Thanks to AccessVision for providing the tools and platform to assist in getting His word out”, said Teron.

The Spirit of AccessVision Award: Josh Holderbaum – “Culture At The Creek"
The “Spirit of AccessVision” Award is given to honor an individual or individuals whose work exemplifies the very essence of what AccessVision was created for, best aligned with the mission and demonstrates high production values.

The award this year goes to Josh Holderbaum. Josh has now been doing a monthly series called “Culture At The Creek” for over 10 years and continues to improve every year. This year Josh was a 2018 Philo Festival of Media Arts Video Competition award winner in the Arts & Cultural Awareness (non-professional) category. The “Kingman Museum Collection” episode was also a best of show Excellence Award winner for Best Series Program, and was nominated for two additional Excellence Awards for Best Directing and the George Stoney Community Activism Award.

Josh says, “I love helping my viewers experience an exhibit before they ever see it, whether that’s transporting them face-to-face with bones and artifacts or taking them beyond the frame right into a painting.”